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From: "Lew Gregory Jr." <>
Subject: Ulster Journal of Archaeology -Index
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 05:20:12 -0800

Good hunting, Lew
VOLUME 6, 1900

Pages 162-172: Armorial Stones of the County Antrim - Rasbee Parish

page 162; Allen
page 163; Kirkwood, Houston
page 164; Hume, Alexander-McNeice, and MacAlexander
page 165; MacClellan, Orr-Gilmer-Todd.
page 166; Orr - Archbeld, Orr-Service, White

Page 167; Raloo Parish Churchyard: Blair
page 168; Craig
page 169; Crawford-Drummond
page 170; Gordon, Jaffrey, Knox
page 171; Lock, Nickle
page 172; MacDowell, Robinson

Pages 173-182 & 210-217: History of Tynan Parish in Archdiocese of

Pages 218-223; Stewarys of Ballintoy

Pages 231-244: Armorial Sculptured Stones of County Antrim - Carncastle
Parish Churchyard:

page 231; Bailie, Brown
page 232; Brown-Robinson, Caldwell
page 233; Callwell, Callwell-Wilson
page 234; Campbell-Wilson, Crawford
page 235; Dale
page 236; Faries-Lee
page 237; Faris(?)-Getty, Linn
page 238; Lorimer, Lough
page 239; Lusk-Craig-Maxwell
page 240; Lusk-Brown, Magill, and McKee
page 241; Moore-Patterson, Moore, Murphy
page 242; Neil, Parr-Walker
page 243; Paterson, Shaw, Sherriff
page 244; Sherriff, Steele

Page 247; Hamiltons of Clondevadock, County Donegal

VOLUME 7, 1901:

Pages 8-17: The Stewarts of Balintoy, Barony of Dunluse -1720; Tenants
included James Moore of Ballynacreemore. Captain James Stewart of

page 10; John Stewart of Lectrin. John Wilson

Page 10: Liberties of Colraine Tenants: Hugh Allison of Island Flacky,
William Houston of Maddebainey, David Kerr of Galagh, Robert Kerr of
Cappagh, Hugh Moore of Ballyvelton.

Page 10: Town of and Desmenes of Ballymoney Tenants; Willam Glass of
Lislagn, James Henry of Lislagan.

Page 11: Barony of Carey; Hugh Boyd of Drimvillen, Hugh Boyd of
Drumnacross, Chas. MacAlister of Carnduffe, Daniel Stewart of
Ballynalea, Andrew Stewart of Drumnagola.

Page 12: Barony of Kilconway: Rev. Walter Linn of Munineagh, also James
Henry and William Glass of the same, Patt. & Owen Magee of
Ballynagabboge, James MacHenry of Ballymacaldrick, Patt. Orr of
Tullynewy. Alex. Stewart, who died in 1742, had married his kinswoman
Anne, daughter of John Stewart of Fortstewart, Jamaica, with whom he
received a large dowry.

Page 15; Alexander Stewart was born 14 June 1742. Miss Ann Catherine
Jackson and sister Nelly Wilson were godmothers.

Pages 18-36: Monumental Remains of the Old Abbey Church of Bangor,
County Down:

page 21; John Taggart died 12 May 1758, age 72, James Hamilton died
page 22-23: Hamilton arms, in chapel at Clandeboye, Co. Down.
page 27; Wm. Hogg died 1704 age 59, of Rathgil, arms.
page 29; Hugh Nicolson of Ballenaghie, gent; wife Isabel Orr died 1696,
Wm. Nicolson of Ballow, gent, born 1697, married Eleanor
Page 31; James Armure of Bangor, tanner, died 1672.

Pages 44-52 & 93-96: Hitory of Tynan Parish in Archdiocese of Armagh

Page 57; Ulster Bibliograph; James Paterson in Maghera, bookseller,

Page 58 - : Armorial Scculptured Stones of the County Antrim -
Carncastle Parish Churchyard families:

page 58; Tweed
page 59; Wilson-Caldwell, Wilson
page 60; Wylie, Young
page 61; Wharry

Pages 65-77: The Shaw Family of Ballygally Castle. Family from Greenock,

Page 95; Rev. William Fullerton, prebendary of Loughgall

Page 101; William Patterson, M.D. surgeon; Derry artillery, 2nd company,
also called Prentice boys of Derry.

Page 126; Churchwardens of Bangor, Co. Down: 1733-Thomas Cowdan,
1735-James Crawford.

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