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From: John Giacoletti <>
Subject: Scots-Canadian Joke
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 08:36:24 -0500

A Canadian couple were on a cruise liner returning home from visiting
relatives in Scotland.

They went into one of the lounges for a drink and saw a Scotsman in full
formal Highland attire sitting alone at a table drinking champagne.

This was very strange. A Scotsman drinking champagne. Especially drinking
champagne by himself!

So they went over to him and after introducing themselves they asked him
why he was drinking champagne.

He answered that he was celebrating his wedding and on his honeymoon to

That's wonderful they said. But why are you drinking alone? Where's the

Oh, he said, I left her home. She's already been to Canada.

John Giacoletti

Cowan, County Down
McClay, County Tyrone &
MacLea, Argyll
Crawford, Allen, Arbuckle &

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