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From: Gordon Johnson <>
Subject: freedoms
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 14:50:11 +0000

Sharon said:-
I honestly hadn't thought about the impact of anyone speaking up. We
Americans take our freedoms so much for granted.

Please, anyone, do not answer that query if you feel it might be harmful to
your health. I completely understand.
I As a Brit (if you want to call me that; I prefer to be called a Scot), I
certainly take my freedoms for granted, too. The freedoms are also there in
Ulster, by law, but the extremist factions on both sides (The UK govt.
being stuck in the middle) are very dangerous, so care has to be taken not
to become too prominent with strong views on one side or the other, unless
you have a bodyguard.
There are assassins within both the nationalist and loyalist factions.
However, to put things in perspective: per thousand population, you are
more likely to be killed by human violence in New York than in Northern
Ireland. The same applies to our past: the main conflicts get the
headlines, whereas the generally normal situation in most of the rest of
the time gets ignored.

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