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From: <>
Subject: Re: Re Founder of KKK
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 10:16:26 EST

Enjoyed your entire post.
Very well spoken for a Yankee (Grin)

Would we could look on all issues that divide us (people everywhere) with the
same sense of enlightenment and understanding.

Most issues are complex and have many many facets, some of which counteract
each other. It always hurts me to see someone seize on just one or two parts
and close their minds to anything else.

However, I am optimistic. As we approach the Third Millenium, I am confident
that we (mankind or society in general) are becoming better and better and
more "civilized" (i.e. less prone to fly off the handle and fight ) I say that
in the face of the crisis in Iraq, the troubles in Northern Ireland, the
tensions in Korea, the tenuous peace in Bosnia, the uneasy peace in Israell.
In previous cemturies, we all would have torn each other apart by now.

Most of the world has worked its way through slavery and is working its way
through "civil rights." Better things are on the way.

I wish I had a glimpse of the world as it will be on the eve of the fourth
millenium. I think I would be rejoicing.


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