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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: re Second Sight
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 09:34:26 -0800

Burnside wrote:
> Hi
> Interesting thread. I thought the Second Sight, as practiced by our Celtic
> ancestors was more seeing things that were lost, or hidden, or seeing events
> far away, in space rather than time...a practical gift.
> Does anyone have sources on psychic abilities and the Scots Irish? Theres in
> interesting bit of history involving my family and the Big Levels near
> Lewisburg W.VA back before the Revolutionary War. A woman named Dennys was
> abducted by the Indians and taken to their town in Ohio. She escaped and
> made her way back to the Big levels. The Indians followed her and massacred
> several settlements.
> Anyway, this Dennys woman is said to have been a witch. The account I have
> says she developed this ability during her stay with the Indians. But, I
> thought the Indians were as negative towards witches (as opposed to Medicine
> MEN) as New Englanders. Anyway, she was said to be able to tame animals by
> whispering in their ears and to have had the ability to control the weather.
> This sounds alot like magic abilities I've read of in a Scottish context.
> Even though I believe that Dennys is a form of Donoghue. Anyway, she was
> apparently accepted by the Scots Irish community at Big Levels. I have read
> elsewhere that the Scots Irish were more tolerant of such magical abilities
> than other Protestants and that the mountain folk practiced certain
> practical magic, regulated activities by the moon and such.
> Does anyone have sources for ScotsIrish and/or Appalachians and various
> forms of magic? I was quite surprised, while touring through West Virginia
> and North Carolina to find
> businesses dealing in magical paraphenalia.
> Tracy

Hi Tracy,

Just because someone has Second Sight does not mean that they are evil,
possessed or a witch. I have met Catholics and other Christians that
have Second Sight. They just live with it and practice their religion
and are just nice folk.
When we were in W. VA and other states in the area in Spring of 1996, I
did not see much of "magic" stores; however, they are all over. The
further one goes East, the more conservative they are. I have a cousin
in So. Carolina and he said the folks there think a certified massage
therapist is into sex with her customers instead of improving health and
circulation as is in Calif. A few "massage therapists" have hidden
prostitution behind massage therapy but they are the minority. One will
find a bad apple or two in a bushel basket anywhere and everywhere you

Connie Backers, No. Calif.

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