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From: Cyril DuBourdieu <>
Subject: Re: REID's in Lanarkshire
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 10:44:16 -0800

You wrote:
>My search is for REID's------born in Lanarkshire--maybe-some records say
>so. #1.What did the REID name mean? Or what was it ages ago? Lots of
>'em I know.

>From old English (read) - red (of complexion or hair), or from the
English place names Read (Lancashire), Rede (Suffolk), or Reed
(Hertfordshire) or from the old English *ried, ryd - (dweller in the)

In Ireland also for (O) Mulderrig ( O Maoildeirg - red chief, or an
abbreviation of (o) Mulready, O Mmaoilbhrighde - devotee of St Brigid.

Hope this is of interest to you;

Cyril DuBourdieu

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