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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Re Founder of KKK
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 11:43:41 -0800

Dear Tracy,

You would probably enjoy Fischer "Albion's Seed" which discusses
in detail the British folk cultures which gave birth to regionalism
in the USA -- the Cavalier culture the south, the Puritans in
the north, etc. Genes aside, these cultures he claims have persisted
in spite of the ethnic make up of the people living in them now.

Also he maps them into various areas in England so it can help
figure out where they came from. Most of the Puritans came from
Essex area, for instance. The Quakers were strongest in the North.

Anyway his notion is that the US Civil war can be explained as
a conflict between British regional cultures.

Christopher Hill's book on the Century of the English Revolution
discusses briefly the importance of slave trade to the British.

Oddly there was an article in the paper today about slavery in
Africa today. It is still going strong. They kill the males who
do not become docile slaves. Very sad. Some people go into the
slave markets and buy them so they can be freed and returned to
their homes.

Linda Merle

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