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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: re Second Sight
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 12:01:12 -0800

Hi Tracy,

It is unfortunate that Christianity has come to be so anti-Esp.
Why wouldn't Tolkien see C S Lewis? One of the things I like about
Celtic Christianity is its inclusiveness of nature and the

I think those practices you describe are remnants of British
folk customs. Fischer talks A LOT about them in Albion's Seed.
It was fascinating.

I have found it interesting to read about the folk custom which
have survived in the UK as well. People often continue to do things
though they have no idea why. Have you read M R James? He
explores the forgotten past of the English better than anyone I've
read (though I'd like further suggestions from anyone!). "Ghost
Stories" is a volume of his stories, published in paperback by
Penquin. Drowned cities, shift coastal sands, ghosts from the
Revolution, pre-Christian wells with unmentionable things.

My family is kinda strange -- I've never heard of dreams like
my sister has. But its the kinda family where the craziness of one
aunt was explained as due to her shock when another sister died
in 1937 and followed my aunt around for several weeks before
moving on. Now...I think that WOULD drive me crazy !

> Of course here we touch on a mystery. I have read of Celts planting trees
> around tombs and believing you could hear ancestors voices in the wind
> through their tops.

Sounds great!

> For Celts, of whatever nationality, the
> veil between the worlds was thin indeed.


> Several times I've dreamed about being at my grandparents
> dining room table back in the 30's (30 years before my birth). My grandad
> and two great aunts, who died before I was born, are there and showing me
> family photos that don't exist and telling me stories that I remember as
> being new but which I don't remember after waking. But, clearly, this is
> just born of spending so much time in genealogy and family history and
> desiring to learn things that are probably gone forever.

Hmm, I think they might be reaching out to you. In any case, it is
a very nice dream.

Linda Merle

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