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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: re Second Sight
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 18:26:03 -0800

linda Merle wrote:
> Hi Tracy,
> It is unfortunate that Christianity has come to be so anti-Esp.
> Why wouldn't Tolkien see C S Lewis? One of the things I like about
> Celtic Christianity is its inclusiveness of nature and the
> supernatural.
> I think those practices you describe are remnants of British
> folk customs. Fischer talks A LOT about them in Albion's Seed.
> It was fascinating.
> I have found it interesting to read about the folk custom which
> have survived in the UK as well. People often continue to do things
> though they have no idea why. Have you read M R James? He
> explores the forgotten past of the English better than anyone I've
> read (though I'd like further suggestions from anyone!). "Ghost
> Stories" is a volume of his stories, published in paperback by
> Penquin. Drowned cities, shift coastal sands, ghosts from the
> Revolution, pre-Christian wells with unmentionable things.
> My family is kinda strange -- I've never heard of dreams like
> my sister has. But its the kinda family where the craziness of one
> aunt was explained as due to her shock when another sister died
> in 1937 and followed my aunt around for several weeks before
> moving on. Now...I think that WOULD drive me crazy !
> > Of course here we touch on a mystery. I have read of Celts planting trees
> > around tombs and believing you could hear ancestors voices in the wind
> > through their tops.
> Sounds great!
> > For Celts, of whatever nationality, the
> > veil between the worlds was thin indeed.
> Was???
> > Several times I've dreamed about being at my grandparents
> > dining room table back in the 30's (30 years before my birth). My grandad
> > and two great aunts, who died before I was born, are there and showing me
> > family photos that don't exist and telling me stories that I remember as
> > being new but which I don't remember after waking. But, clearly, this is
> > just born of spending so much time in genealogy and family history and
> > desiring to learn things that are probably gone forever.
> Hmm, I think they might be reaching out to you. In any case, it is
> a very nice dream.
> Linda Merle

I think it gives us all something to speculate about. I just love ghost
stories and while traveling in the East, I bought many books on Ghost
Stories in Virginia, on battlegrounds after the Civil War, etc. Linda,
if you lived closer (don't know where you live) I would let you borrow
them. Very fascinating stuff!
Connie Backers, No. Calif.

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