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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: Term of Contempt
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 19:12:52 -0800

> Hi John,
> Unless you have read the books in question, you would not understand
> the term of endearment part. Yes, Sassenach is a derogatory term, but
> in Ms. Gabaldon's books, the term as used between husband and wife is
> not derogatory.
> By the way, you would love these books John, honest!!!
> Laura

Laura is right, John. And Oh, those steamy love scenes that occur here
and there would definitely catch your interest, John. My husband is not
a Wuss and he is on the fourth book in the series. There is some real
"Man stuff" in those books. Try it, you might like it. Cheers.
Connie Backers,No. Calif.

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