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From: Arnold "Arnie" Johnson <>
Subject: Wrights
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 05:47:32 -0500 (EST)

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Subject: Wrights

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Don't know how to establish my gggrandfather's identity before he
came to the
US. What I do know is that he was born in 1839 in No. Ireland and
Protestant. I can find him in NYC in 1860 census after he had
married a wife
who was born in New York. Don't know her heritage.
Is there a particular area of No. Ireland where the Wrights seemed
to be? Or
any suggestions how to direct a search. Did not find him listed in
"Irish To
America". Is his heritage likely to be lost among the Famine
Evy Wright "

Hi Evy,
I am researching Wrights in County Monaghan, one of the counties of
Ulster not
in Northern Ireland. If you can give me any other information on
John Wright,
I may be able to help.e.g. There is a John Wright listed in Pigot's
1824, living at Clinto, Co. Monaghan.

List of persons in the County Monaghan who were attainted (what does
"attainted" mean? Attainted -guilty, disgraced; obviously not the
followers of
James II,
given the opportunity to come under his feathers??? A.H.) by King
James II's
Parliament under Article 1; the time given to surrender, return to
their duty
and loyalty and acknowledge the King, was to 10th August, 1689.
... Wright, James, Gent
Wright, James
Wright, John, Sergeant
Wright, Richard, Gent

Marriages (Church of Ireland, Clones)
17 March 1797, Rev. John Wright, curate of Clones to Miss Mary
daughter of John Sloan of Lisna???

(A bit early, I guess!!!)

Let me know, if you get any other information, we may be kin!

David McIlveen-Wright

Wrights in Monaghan, McIlveen (Belfast and Co. Antrim), Bowden
(Belfast and
Co. Down), Dickson (Belfast), Bennett (Co. Down) and a couple of

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