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From: "Robert T. Hilliard" <>
Subject: St. Patricks parade
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 09:51:30 -0500

With Linda's blessing, I'm going to float this idea out there and see what
comes of it. On Saturday, March 14, Pittsburgh will hold its annual
St. Patrick's Day Parade, the second largest one in the nation (he said
swelling his chest) - and don't any of you folks from Savannah start arguing
with me about that either (inside joke, those folks from the Garden of
Good and Evil should get it).
Getting slowly to the point, since there are so many folks on the list
from western PA, affectionately known as yunzers, I thought it might
be neat to get together at the parade. My wife and I, along with our
two daughters, are going anyway so it's no big deal for us, but I thought
maybe we could pick a convenient meeting place along the route and
put a few names from the list with faces.
I assure you that I'm no psycho-killer looking to lure in victims, but
all you have to go on is my word. Frankly, if I was looking to go
on a killing spree, I already know plenty of folks who would be high
on my list - I wouldn't need to go looking for strangers.
So...if anyone is up for a little get-together at the parade, drop me a note.
If it works out maybe we can make it a regular deal or at least
expand it to include Orangeman's Day in July and St. Andrew's Day
in November (?). The only demand I have is that I get to be on the
Beverage Committee.
I also wanted to pass along this little item that seemed appropriate
from the book "Pittsburgh: The Story of a City":
"The Scots celebrated St. Andrew's day with copious libations, the Irish
celebrated St. Patrick's day in like fashion, everyone celebrated the
Fourth of July with a salute of thirteen cannon shots, and all who could
get into the 'Green Tree' tavern topped of with 'an elegant entertainment'
and thirteen toasts, ending with 'Success to Pittsburgh, and a Free
Navigation of the Western Country."
Here's to yunz,

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