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From: "Robert DAVISON" <>
Subject: RE: Lee Family
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 98 17:22:37 UT

Hi Nan

In my copy of 'Who was Who in Carrickfergus 0 - 1800' the name LEE crops up
pretty early. In 1594 Capt. Thomas LEE wrote to Queen Elizabeth to inform
her that ''the English Forces in Knockfergus and the Clandeboyes amounted to
only 100 foot and 25 horse.'' Hardly an army of occupation and oppression
considering what was stirring at that time!! However, LEE and its variants
LEES and LEA pop up from time to time until 1754. They re-emerge in 1780 for
a brief period until 1795. This information is very sparse but I'm quite
happy to pass it on to you 'off-list' if you like. I've noted that there are
4 LEE's listed in the N.I. telephone directory in Carrickfergus and there's
also a wee cluster in Newtownabbey which is just a few miles up the road.

Yours aye

Rob C Davison
Gen. Secretary
North of Ireland Family History Society

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