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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 19:44:07 EST

In the beginning, The Lord , sitting on His throne on high,
turned to His pal, the Archangel Gabriel and said:"Gabby, today
I'm going to create Scotland. I will make it a country of
dark beautiful mountains, purple glens and rich green forests.
I will give it clear swift flowing rivers and I will fill them
with salmon. The land shall be lush and fertile, on which the
people shall grow barley to brew into an amber nectar that will
be much sought after the world over. Underneath the land I shall
lay rich seams of coal.

In the waters around the shores there will be an abundance of
fish and beneath the sea bed there will be vast deposits of oil
and gas".

"Excuse me Sire", interrupted the Archangel Gabriel, "Don't you
think you are being a bit too generous to these Scots"?

"Not really", replied the Lord, "wait 'til you see the neighbours
I'm giving them".

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