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From: "J. L. Jones" <>
Subject: RE: re Second Sight
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 98 01:37:09 UT

Tracy, Native Americans have Shamans or healers. Some cast spells, smoke
peyote and have trances, see things, predict, etc. much the same as second
sight. The tribes do not all practice or live alike, but they are extremely
spiritual in their approach to the world. You may want to read books by Lynn
V. Andrews a non-Indian, who became a Shamaness. On the flyleaf of her book
'Star Woman', it says, "..a true story, the next step in one woman's odyssey
towards enlightenment. A journey which began with the events she chronicled
in her first book, 'Medicine Woman'." She also has a white stallion for a
guide. She discovers the dark side of her own spirit.



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