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Subject: No one to hate!
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 23:13:39 EST

Re Adoption: Good point Renee!

>"When you're adopted, there's no one to hate."

I too was adopted 50+ years ago and was left with an open acceptance of
My mothers family, Reeves, more than welcomed my sister, who was also adopted,
and I.
My father's family was a little more reserved due their very strict German
heritage but warmed up with time. Note that they had gone through several
decades when it wasn't nice to be German.

Growing up I was known around town as the "Red Headed Kraut". Most people in
Evergreen were accepting and supportive of adoption and those who weren't also
tended to have other unwelcome prejudices.

Half of my childhood friends were adopted and also grew up to be very
accepting of all ethnic groups.

>"Had difficulty focusing hatred to anyone - for fear I might be related."
Right on again.

In my 30's Mom gave me my adoption papers which included my birth name of
Charles O'Neill. Several years later I found my Birth Mother who identified my
father as Charles Romine. As it turns out I am Dutch-Irish (Van derZouwen-
O'Neill) on my mothers side and Dutch-German (Romine-Swartz) on my fathers
side, but that's not all.

With a little more research on the Romine side I find that an Italian family
living in England married into an English family. One of the sons who was
schooled in Rome used the surname Roman and relocated to Holland when the
family ended up on the loosing side in the "War of the Roses". They changed
their name to Romeyn and became Dutch before help helping to settle New
Does this equal English-Dutch-Roman or Latino-sassenach-Dutch or New Yorkie
or just plain Early American ?

My O'Neill side is a little more straightforward. Henry St. John Joseph
O'Neill was old country Irish from PA or Ireland who married a Webb (Welch?).
Their son Charles married a first generation Dutch-American girl.

So what does all of this make me other than an American born of, and raised by
American's of European ancestry.

All in all I'm still a "Red Headed Kraut" with a little, gray trim.

Jerry Roebke (born Charles Thomas O'Neill-Romine)
Iso Henry St. John Joseph O'Neill

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