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Subject: Another input on second sight
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 23:33:30 EST

The sight isn't genealogy, but I do act on hunches (are they really?) to pry
some secrets from my ancestors. My cousin periodically goes to the cemetery
and talks to our gr-gr-grandmother, and she comes thru!

I have a bit of the sight. It is not always clear but I get strong
impressions, especially if something is wrong. How else can I explain knowing
absolutely without a doubt that something was dreadfully wrong with my
brother, even tho we were 200 miles apart? (At age 21, he was hospitalized
with a pulmonary embolism and had already been given last rites.) How else can
I explain a sudden sadness coming over me like a curtain? (A good friend died
150 miles away at that exact time.) How else can my mother explain my long
distance phone calls to her that start, "I was just wondering how everyone is

I pay attention to my dreams. While most times they are simply pictures of
thoughts that my brain finally has time to process, many times they tell me
what will happen. How else can I explain dreaming of the exact hospital
hallway and room with my father dying--before he was even there? How else can
I explain trying to get to the hospital while still asleep at 5 AM--the exact
moment he died?

I can't imagine not having this ability. It is an integral part of my life.
Losing it would be the same as losing another of my senses. It seems most of
my experiences are sad and deal with death; maybe that's just the way it is
for me.

Should I mention the "banshee" that knocks on a window three days before a
death in my family? Once I heard the knuckles clearly on my car window--while
I was driving down Middlebelt Road near 10 Mile at 35 mph!

I truly enjoy reading these stories from other subscribers.

Pat McGreehan

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