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From: "Robert DAVISON" <>
Subject: Bits & Pieces
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 98 08:16:32 UT

I've been following all the messages about the KKK and it's occurred to me
that contributors have had their say in a reasoned and non-confrontational
way. What a contrast to last year when the topic was raised!!! Is this a
sign of a sort of collective maturity developing amongst us all? In view of
Linda's comments about the background to secret societies in Ireland, perhaps
KKK had it's roots over here. I was certainly struck by the similarities to
their activities and those of present day terrorists. A fascist is a
fascist, whatever organisation they belong to and racism is an essential
element of fascism; whether the cry is 'ourselves alone' or 'England for the

Just to show how the power of advertising and the influence of huge
multi-national companies gets into our language and our psyche - a lot of
Brits would say they were going to 'hoover' (i.e. vacuum clean) the house and
a mongrel dog was a 'Heinz 57' (plenty varieties!)

Yours aye

Rob C Davison
N. Ireland

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