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Subject: Re: NEIGHBORS
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 14:00:31 -0000

Good one
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>In the beginning, The Lord , sitting on His throne on high,
>turned to His pal, the Archangel Gabriel and said:"Gabby, today
>I'm going to create Scotland. I will make it a country of
>dark beautiful mountains, purple glens and rich green forests.
>I will give it clear swift flowing rivers and I will fill them
>with salmon. The land shall be lush and fertile, on which the
>people shall grow barley to brew into an amber nectar that will
>be much sought after the world over. Underneath the land I shall
>lay rich seams of coal.
>In the waters around the shores there will be an abundance of
>fish and beneath the sea bed there will be vast deposits of oil
>and gas".
>"Excuse me Sire", interrupted the Archangel Gabriel, "Don't you
>think you are being a bit too generous to these Scots"?
>"Not really", replied the Lord, "wait 'til you see the neighbours
>I'm giving them".

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