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Subject: Re: Bits & Pieces
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 09:40:14 EST

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<< My roots run deep south the McLain, Shelton.
Chastain , Prices, and Stovealls they all fought
for the CSA ! The klan usa was started in TENN By a group that wanted
to go under
ground , it was called Knight of the Golden
Round Table. They wanted to fight reconstruction , they came to General
and wanted him to join, he ( Forrest ) REFUESED ! Sad day usa when the
house invited the IRA Head Chief ! They
are no better than , Tim McVEY that bomed
are building here in Okla Citi . They ( IRA ).
should be brought to justice .
I have hesitated to speak thus far, but, according to a documentary last week
either on the History channel or the Arts and Entertainment channel, there was
a documentary about the KKK. The documentary stated that FORREST most
definately was the person to start this group. They dressed in masks that
were hideous to hide their faces. But according to the doc that FORREST gave
this group up with in a year because of the path it was taking. I do not
know but can only relate what was in the documentary.

I would like to ask though, what in the world this has to do with the white
house inviting the leader of the IRA to discuss peace?

Also would like to know what on earth gives you the idea that Tim McVey is
just like the IRA? I honestly can't see the connection between these two.


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