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Subject: Subject: Re: Bits & Pieces
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 20:14:14 EST

John Carpenter <> wrote:

"Just remember when he's talking at the White House
he's not ordering ferilizer.
I think the English bear a large share of guilt over
most recent murders in NI because until Tony got in,
they couldn't seem to find their way to the
negociating table.
Pray for Tony and Ireland."

Sorry, John, it aint quite that simple. Most people believed that John Major
was very interested in a solution for peace in Ireland. He was involved in
initiating the first long ceasefire, remember? However, he had other problems
as time ran on. His government was continually hounded by "sleaze"
allegations. His majority in Parliament dropped to 7 seats. Some on his own
side were against him on various issues. He had to do some deals to carry the
vote. It is thought that he did a deal with the Unionists to stay in power,
and they were not to keen on supporting many of the points that Sinn Fein or
the IRA wanted in the "Peace settlement". So, for the rest of Major's stay in
power he was supported by the Ulster Unionists in return for a lack of
movement in the reduction of Unionist power in Northern Ireland.

Tony Blair has a very big majority. He can afford to offend the Unionists, or
anyone else!

Don't look for a simple solution for peace in Ireland. If there were one, we
would have found it already.

BTW, I vote Green Party (the environmentalists), Alliance (non-sectarian) or
Woman's Coalition (I like women).

David McIlveen-Wrig

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