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From: John Giacoletti <>
Subject: Riding the Goat
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 20:45:12 -0500

The Master Mason is skilled in ALL the tools of masonry.

One of these tools is the setting maul, a sand-filled leather pouch
attached to a wooden handle.

All stones are not set in the cement the same way and it is in the
discretion of the Master Mason how a particular stone gets set into place.
Some require a good "thunk" and others a restrained and perfunctory tap.

In the Master Mason's eye, I was more akin to the rough ashlar that the
smooth squared stone so I got a solid shot to get set into the fraternity
and am thus more fully able to appreciate The Light of Masonry having
experienced the pitch of dark.

In that state of unconsciousness you will ride a goat or donkey or camel or
anything the breathern put you on to be carried away.

John Giacoletti

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