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From: William F Shaughnessy< >
Subject: Re: Bits & Pieces
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 22:21:16 EST

On Tue, 10 Feb 98 08:16:32 UT "Robert DAVISON"
<> writes:
>I've been following all the messages about the KKK and it's occurred
>to me
>that contributors have had their say in a reasoned and
>way. What a contrast to last year when the topic was raised!!! Is
>this a
>sign of a sort of collective maturity developing amongst us all? In
>view of
>Linda's comments about the background to secret societies in Ireland,
>KKK had it's roots over here. I was certainly struck by the
>similarities to
>their activities and those of present day terrorists. A fascist is a
>fascist, whatever organisation they belong to and racism is an
>element of fascism; whether the cry is 'ourselves alone' or 'England
>for the
>Just to show how the power of advertising and the influence of huge
>multi-national companies gets into our language and our psyche - a lot
>Brits would say they were going to 'hoover' (i.e. vacuum clean) the
>house and
>a mongrel dog was a 'Heinz 57' (plenty varieties!)
>Yours aye
>Rob C Davison
>N. Ireland


I hate to say it, but I think you are reading considerably more into
Linda's comments about secret Irish societies - Protestant as well as
Catholic - than she intended you to.

The Irish secret societies, without question, are terrorist in
nature and action. This was/is so in Ireland, and was/is so in the coal
regions of Northwest Pennsylvania.

The KKK was an entirely different type of organization. It was
definitely secret, and it is terrorist. But in addition, it was the
de-facto government in many of the counties of the rural southern states
in the US. This is why it was so hard to break it. The government
members who should have been working hard to abolish the KKK were in fact
its leaders.

As far as the origin of the KKK, there have been several references
in this List to the effect that the KKK was founded either by Scots who
emigrated directly from Scotland to the US, or by Scots who emigrated
from Scotland to Ireland to the US. If you examine American History
closely, you will find that the native Irish who emigrated to the US
settled primarily in geographic areas where the KKK was relatively weak.


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