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From: Edward Andrews <>
Subject: Re: Bits & Pieces
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 11:23:30 +0000

William F Shaughnessy wrote:

> Tony Blair, on the other hand, does not need Northern Ireland,
> Scotland or Wales. This places Blair in an extremely strong negotiating
> position, and time is rapidly running out for the Proddys.
I am not sure that the term "time is rapidly running out for the
is particularly helpful. Time for what?
What do you intend will happen to the Unionist Community when time
finally does run out for them? Genocide - as some of the more extreme
fear. How are you going to govern a united Ireland with a million
unhappy northerners. What are you going to do with the 50-60 TDs who
will be a permanent opposition block.
It is this sloppy use of language which lies at the heart of the
attitude of mind which causes people to die, which causes people to
hide in their sectarian bunkers.
Given that Republican violence is carried out not on the basis of any
democratic legitimization, but in the "name of dead generations" what
protection would the Irish state have against an armed struggle if any
of the aspirations of the Easter Proclamation are not fulfilled?
To make the division in terms of Protestants / Catholics is a kind of
stereotyping. The use of the word Proddys is derogatory. I can think
of several names for the nationalist community which I would not use,
but which bear the same connotation.
Even the political analysis that > Tony Blair, on the other hand,
does not need Northern Ireland,
> > Scotland or unfitunate. It suggests that Blair's power base is indipendant of Scotland and Wales, rather than as the Unionists in GB terms see it, as a United Kingdom in which Scotland and Wales are equal partners.
I have kept out of this discussion up to now, but when we get
dangerous, triumphalist, sectarian nonsense being talked, as opposed
to the cool rational well informed and both hopeful and helpful
comments which we have had. I just have to write and disagree.
Edward Andrews
St Nicholas Buccleuch Parish Church Dalkeith
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