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From: Gordon Johnson <>
Subject: Guilt?
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 12:13:53 +0000

John said:-
I think the English bear a large share of guilt over
most recent murders in NI because until Tony got in,
they couldn't seem to find their way to the
negociating table.
***This sounds rather confused. To clarify:
1. "The English" don't feel any guilt for what the various factions in
Ulster do to each other. You shouldn't imagine that the "Loyalists" have
public support in the rest of the UK, any more than the IRA do. Both are
shunned as extremist groups.
2. Tony isn't even English, He's a Scot (despite his accent)!
3. The murders were clearly intended by extremists on both sides to STOP
the negotiations.
4. WHO couldn't find their way to the negotiation table? The British and
Irish governments, working together, have spent years trying to arrange a
negotiation formula that would ensure all the factions in Northern Ireland
would participate, as otherwise no good result could come out of it. Don't
denigrate their efforts to find a peaceful solution to what is a
complicated issue.
5. Prayer will certainly help, but pray for tolerance, as that is the real
God help them all.

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