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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: William F Shaughnessy's naught bits, Bits & Pieces
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 07:39:32 -0800

Hi guys,

maybe we could take this off list???

I don't think the SI have
any corner on terrorism, secret societies, or agrarian violence.
The patterns of agrarian violence which we find in NI today are
clearly linked with Irish cultural patterns. Neither the English
or the Scots in Ireland who end up "pulled in" because they
are present, exhibit these difficulties in their homelands.
Read ATQ Stewart "The Narrow Ground' for one analysis. On
the other hand similar patterns are found in Italy and a
number of other cultures. Neither the Irish nor the Ulster Scots,
Bill, are the source of these difficulties.

Re Gordon's comments -- yes, prayer and tolerance would help.
There have been problems between Scot and Irish in Ulster longer
than there was Scot and Irish. I also fail to see why the English
are blamed on this list.

Some of us enjoy tolerant, polite discussion, but it very rude on
a multinational list to accuse anyone's government of nasty deeds.
Very poor ambassadorship. Not interested in seeing it here whether
the target is American, English, Irish, etc. BAD MANNERS.

Pardon to all on the list whose governments were attacked. We
don't do that here.

Linda Merle

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