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Subject: Re: Bits & Pieces
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 11:36:32 EST

You sir are probably right about the fact that we need to read this book.
BUT, keep in mind that everything written in every book is not necessarily
true. Sometimes things are written in books that are just opinion, not fact.
I admit that I have not read a lot about FORREST, but I have no doubt that I
could find a couple books that support the idea that Forrest was involved.
But who really cares one way or another? The KKK has evovled into a group of
"white racists". They hate for skin color, religious preferences. They are
no better than Hitler and his bunch. Unless, from what I have read and seen,
if you are not white, protestant, mostly right wing extremists then you are on
their sh** list so to speak.
You are right about them being hand in hand with some local governments in the
southern US. And a Few Presidents in the eary half of this century belonged
to this group.
I have seen the force of this organization first hand twenty years ago when
they threatened a neighbor because she was fostering a black child, they
threatned to burn her house down. I have also seen them block the highway in
this same rural community after a football game, to make sure that the team
that was played, who were a different color would not follow them here. Sir
I do not think that would be considered mild, and they are by no means
Whatever the reason it was started and by who it was started is irrelevant at
this point in time. The facts are that the KKK is a blot on humanity,
anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
Linda D

<< People in the UK and Linda also needs a lesson in history . You need to
read the
book on THAT DEVIL FORREST author
John A Wyeth PUB: Harper & BRO C 1959
this book will despell the myth surronding
general Forest and that orgi . The kkk
is mild comparied to the other base unit
in good old Ireland, which still lives in the
1600 H . The kkk usa klan had outstand
people of all ranks of life and riglous
dogmas backgrounds. You had RC holding
Hands with PRES : METH WITH LUTH. So
on and on ! >>

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