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Subject: Re: William F Shaughnessy's naught bits, Bits & Pieces
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 14:06:37 EST

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<< don't think the SI have
any corner on terrorism, secret societies, or agrarian violence.
The patterns of agrarian violence which we find in NI today are
clearly linked with Irish cultural pattern >>
linda merle you are so right.
Hope I have not been guilty of atacking anyone's government, and I don't think
I have.
It isn't governments to blame for th e troubles in N. Irelend, but ingrained
attitudes fo people, so deeply buried they do not recognize them as attitudes.
We outsiders smugly call it prejudice. I say smugly, because we do not
recognize that we have some of the same attitudes and prejudices, only
directed elsewher e.
Someday we are going to learn it is love that makes the world go round. Love
of fellow man, of self, of homeland, of other peoples, of freedom, of justice.
All kinds of love.
Until we can t into pracice that universal love that Jesus commanded us, we
will have troubles, and wars and terrorist attacks and political upheavals and
list flames.
Meanwhile, how about we get back to genealogy and history lessons, huh?


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