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Subject: Re: Ulster- 1820 era-Unwed Couple
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 15:13:23 EST

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From family based information I have just learned that my immigrant ancestor
b ca 1825 ] from Ulster was the product of an unwed couple in Armagh. I know
the fathers name, which was used by the son. Also, the mothers maiden surname
& her parents names. My question is this: what, if any, record sources might
contain more detailed information about this couple that apparently lived
together without benefit of clergy or other official sanction? They had a
daughter several years after the birth of the son. Also, the father was
reportedly born in Scotland, but worked in Ulster. Was the concept of what
today is called a 'commonlaw' marriage been common or at least tolerated in
Ulster in the early part of the 19th century? Any & all input & suggestions
most gratefully received. TIA
Are you sure they were unwed? I know of one case in early 1800's in County
Down were the child was officially listed as a bastard. But her parents were
married. Married in the Presbyterian church (which evidently didn't count).
Later children to this couple were not labeled as bastards.

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