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From: "Robert DAVISON" <>
Subject: RE: Bits & Pieces
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 98 17:56:29 UT

Edwards comment reminds me of the conversation Dr. Conor Cruise O'Brien was
having with someone about alleigences. When asked if he had to choose
between Cathleen N'Houlihan (Mother Ireland) and the Roman Catholic Church
(Mother Church!), the 'Cruiser' said; ''Mother Church because she doesn't
demand the blood sacrifice.'' I don't know the full extent of Bill's message
but the last bit was certainly 'off the wall.' As a resident of 'Norn Iron'
and non-aligned, I take offence at ALL extremist, fascist, organisations and
comments such as Bill's betray a naivete that is downright dangerous. Edward
has said his piece and I'm right along with him.

Let me finish with a bit of 'local' news straight out of today's Belfast
Telegraph. The Mother of Stephen Restorick, the last soldier murdered (yes
Bill. MURDERED) by the I.R.A. is due to dedicate a bench in the village of
Bessbrook to ALL victims of these so called 'troubles.' The local SDLP
(middle of the road Nationalist) Councillor says that he can't attend until he
gets an assurance from the Army and RUC that they will withdraw their
personnel from the area - and anyway, his constituents wouldn't approve of him
attending! Words almost fail me. This poor woman has devoted herself to
bringing about healing and reconciliation and that's the way she is treated by
a local politician. Needless to say, Sinn Fein will not be there either.
The sooner south Armagh is ceeded to the Republic the better, if this is the
quality of the people living there. I have no brief one way or the other for
who is running this place, as long as it's not a gang of murdering thugs such
as we have terrorising both major communities. They'd certainly give a new
slant to 'Community Policing.'

Yours mad as hell

Rob C Davison

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