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From: John Carpenter <>
Subject: RE: Bits & Pieces
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 13:25:20 -0800 (PST)

It's people like Stephen's mother who make us believe
that Christianity and/or human kindness can work in
this world. Amazing how many people don't want them

---Robert DAVISON wrote:
> Edwards comment reminds me of the conversation Dr.
Conor Cruise O'Brien was
> having with someone about alleigences. When asked
if he had to choose
> between Cathleen N'Houlihan (Mother Ireland) and
the Roman Catholic Church
> (Mother Church!), the 'Cruiser' said; ''Mother
Church because she doesn't
> demand the blood sacrifice.'' I don't know the
full extent of Bill's message
> but the last bit was certainly 'off the wall.' As
a resident of 'Norn Iron'
> and non-aligned, I take offence at ALL extremist,
fascist, organisations and
> comments such as Bill's betray a naivete that is
downright dangerous. Edward
> has said his piece and I'm right along with him.
> Let me finish with a bit of 'local' news straight
out of today's Belfast
> Telegraph. The Mother of Stephen Restorick, the
last soldier murdered (yes
> Bill. MURDERED) by the I.R.A. is due to dedicate a
bench in the village of
> Bessbrook to ALL victims of these so called
'troubles.' The local SDLP
> (middle of the road Nationalist) Councillor says
that he can't attend until he
> gets an assurance from the Army and RUC that they
will withdraw their
> personnel from the area - and anyway, his
constituents wouldn't approve of him
> attending! Words almost fail me. This poor
woman has devoted herself to
> bringing about healing and reconciliation and
that's the way she is treated by
> a local politician. Needless to say, Sinn Fein
will not be there either.
> The sooner south Armagh is ceeded to the Republic
the better, if this is the
> quality of the people living there. I have no
brief one way or the other for
> who is running this place, as long as it's not a
gang of murdering thugs such
> as we have terrorising both major communities.
They'd certainly give a new
> slant to 'Community Policing.'
> Yours mad as hell
> Rob C Davison

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