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From: "Jo Ann T. Wright" <>
Subject: RE: Posting Queries to Web Site
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 16:50:08 -0500

If you are curious as to what I had posted and was told that it was a is an idea of the contents. This was not a post to a list, it was to a posting board at a web site.

My great grandparents, their b. and d. dates, their causes of death.
Their children, b. and d. dates, their last address.
Their children, b, and d. dates, their last address.

Included was my mother's maiden name and death dates that were too recent (1960-1970's). I was told that their site does not approve of this because of credit card fraud, confidentiality, and etc.

Also I was told that listing my great grandparents children was also not wise because if there children were on-line and saw it or if someone who knows these children and go back and tell them that they saw their family (even though they are deceased) on-line that this is considered confidential information and they could possibly sue the owners of the web site for posting this confidential family information.

Plus, by posting the causes of death of my great grandparents.....was also considered confidential information.

I will be more careful from now on by golly. I am scared to death in posting anything for fear that I may be breaking someone's confidentiality. I just can't see how the causes of death of my great grandparents ( or anyone else as a matter of fact) is confidential information. In Obits in the newspaper the cause of death is listed isn't it?

Jo Ann

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