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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Entrance Exam
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:47:07 -0800

Well, gee, it's a good idea! How about:

1 Must have NO political views (they always offend someone).
2 Must be totally inhibited about discussing their religion or
anyone else's (or the lack of one) in public
3 Must have gedcom file of at least 3000 deadfolks and be
willing to share.
4 Must know what a gedcom file is
5 Must be able to format a subject line properly
6 Always types SURNAMES in caps and nothing else
7 Has read all basic references in the list area of expertise
8 Never strays from the topic
9 Never posts posts longer than 1 paragraph.
10 Never tells jokes: they are sure to offend someone.
11 Wrote the list fAQ from memory
12 Has very thick skin
13 Is impossible to insult
14 Runs all email through spellchecker
15 Is never ethno-centric, Amero-centric, Euro-centric,
Ulster-centric, Irish-centric or kkk centric
16 Hates hyphens and never uses them.

None of us would pass -- and it would be a very dull list!

Linda Merle

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