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Subject: Re: Riding The Goat (bow and keep silent)
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 11:18:22 EST

In a message dated 2/11/98 10:35:23 PM Central Standard Time,

<< High Temperd Women Should
Strive To Keep Silent !
Yesterday when I appologized to you, I was not bowing down in an effort to
keep silent. I merely saw your messages for what they were. It was your
opinion and you had a right to it. I was not giving in to a higher authority,
meaning men, in your mind. This mind set is very common thru out the south
among "the REAL men" (at least thats what they think they are, I prefer, Good
Ole Boys myself).
I have a mind and I do use it. When something is wrong I protest it. I am a
God made Human Being, one that he gave a brain to, it is just that I decide to
use mine. I will not nor will I ever bow down and keep silient where
ignorance is concerned.
My husband appreciates me for who I am. Not because I bow down and shut my
I really thought that attitudes like your's were on the way to dying, and
maybe one day they will.
Your comments have made me mad as hell, just who do you think you are??? Yes,
I have a temper and proud of it.
If you don't care to here it then delete it.
Linda D.

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