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Subject: Re: KKK
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 11:33:46 EST

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<< was pretty tough...but lets not lose perspective. eh ???

Derek Chase >>

That;s what the new-nazis are saying about the Holocaust. Prove that six
million Jews died, they sneer.

so I guess it depends on whose ox is gored and whose ancestor is persecuted or
suffered. four of my great-grandparents were lucky enough to get out of
Irfeland and ake it to these shores to escape famine, hunger and great
suffering. The Famine is something very real to me since I know that many of
my relatives lost a lot in that unfortunate time.
You are right, Derek. There is always something terrible going on in the
world. At no period in history have we - mankind - escaped war, famine,
natural disasters, man's inhmanity to man. does that make it right?
Less than 200 of my fellow Okies lost their lives in the OC bombing, which
pales into insignificance agains the millions of Kurds dying. So let us save
oursevles the expense of punishing the perpetrators McVey and Nichols?
Sorry if this sounds like I think you are being insensitive. but I think you
are. Maybe you just come across that way.

I know I should not send this missive, since it is aflame. but darn it, I am


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