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Subject: Re: You Know Who I Mean/Entrance Exams
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 12:13:45 EST

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<< I understand that English may not be someone's first language, but it
really doesn't take much time to look up a word in the dictionary. >>

I just attempted writing my first letter in Polish (using the LDS Polish
letter writing guide) to the Archiwum Archdiecezjalne w Bialymstoku (try
saying THAT three times fast and no I'm not putting in the diacritical marks
as it takes me three minutes just to FIND the right one !!) and I would NEVER
attempt to insert an extra word or two that I found in the Polish-English
dictionary because, taken out of context I could very possibly be calling the
Pastor's sister a big fat sow without knowing it. This could reasonably be
the same situation with a member of this listgroup (four of whom thanked me
for my initial post) who's primary language is not English.

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