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From: Gerald Daniel <>
Subject: Re: You Know Who I Mean
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 13:19:45 -0500

Frank Slaven wrote:

> Hello,
> I must add my thoughts to your your posts. Regarding understanding
> what has been written, we have all found that even in books that are
> considered to be literary classics, that it is necessary to reread a
> passage two or three times to understand the point the author is
> attempting to make. And on the other end of the spectrum, we find college
> graduates who qualify for the category of "educated idiots."
> We must be careful about pointing our finger at others, if you
> will look at your hand when pointing, you have three fingers pointing
> directly back at yourself.
> Our world will be a much better place - if each of us will be a
> little more tolerant and kind.
> Frank


Extremes are useful as points of comparison:they challenge our thinking so we do
not become victims of groupthink.The academic elitists believe they have all
relevant knowledge!The ignorant believe formal education is useless!Thankfully,most
of us fall between these two extremes.We do need all types:those in the ivory tower
world of theory and supposition and those in the trenches of the tangible,earthy
world,and those in between.

From my collegiate experiences,both as an undergraduate and grad student,I can
forcefully say that some of my most learned professors were some of the worst
teachers.Some of the highest academically regarded texts were also the poorest
written.One text( I remember
with great disdain) had 52 words in a sentence and that was a short one!

In short,if you feel you are very liberal in thought,be just that,LIBERAL! Be
liberal in actively listening to all viewpoints with equal attention without
forthrightly discounting the argument because it comes from an "uneducated" person
who is not a part of the "intelligentsia".

Likewise,if a person considers themselves to be very conservative,or even a
fundamentalist,realize that you do not possess all knowledge.By definition,a
conservative wishes to conserve and preserve things as they are.Change for the sake
of change is certainly questionable,but where would we be if the order of the world
and life were never questioned?I haven't seen even the staunchest conservative
espousing a return to an earth-centered view of the solar system nor have I seen
one giving up the conveniences of electricity,automobiles or the many benefits of
science and medicine.

In closing,I'll offer two sayings needed for those who persist in finger-pointing
and naysaying,just pick the one most applicable to you:
1)Get a life!
2)Live and let live!

Have a good day!

Gerald Daniel

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