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From: <>
Subject: One Name Family Study
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 17:57:39 EST

Our cooperative of a One Name Family Study is getting anxious to move from our
U.S. beginnings and to find out more about our Irish roots and to decide what
our course of action should be.

Our history starts in France as BEAVEARD or BEAVERT or BOVARD. As Huguenots,
1 of the 4 families who lived in Paris, escaped by horse back the night of St.
Bartholomew's Massacre August 23, 1572 and sold their horses for passage to
maybe England. (3 other families lived in Valenciennes, France at this same
time.) The family that escaped was a father & mother and 1 son. They are the
beginning of our recorded ancestors...England to perhaps Dundee, Scotland and
eventually to the Ulster Province/Plantation. While living in the north of
Ireland they were flax growers. (In Paris and Valciennes, France, they were
linen and lace manufacturers.)

We are fairly certain the majority of the descendants of this first family
lived in Letterkenny, County Donegal as early as 1665. Other area names that
Garton Lake, Ballyholey, Ballybolother, St. Johnston, Ramelton, Milford...
Fermanagh, Antrim, Carrowstrasna....are these all in the same general area and
in County Donegal?? From one family who has a will and probate...shows - late
of townland Ballybolother, Diocese of Raphoe, Parish of Conwall, and County
Donegal. From another family we have record of one death and (or
on -?)
Sheriff's Mtn, Londonderry, Ireland. We have six major family lines from this
same general area of County Donegal who came to America.

From the Hearthmoney Rolls of 1665...Conwell Parish, Kilmacrenan Barony,
County Donegal we have two.... James Bavaird and Robert Bavaird of Airds.
This information is from someone's early research...other early researchers
seemed to have much success in finding any early records...including some
professional genealogists.

1. Robert Bovard & Hannah Unknown came to Cumberland Co., PA
in the early 1750's.
2. John Bova(i)rd & Fanny Johnston came to Westmoreland Co., PA about 1780.
And John's brother - James, who m. in US..and perhaps a 3rd brother
3. Robert Bovard & Margaret McGarvey arrived about 1800-1805 and settled
in Switzerland Co., IN
4. Robert Bovard & (1) Jane Steele arrived about 1825-1830 and he m. (2)
Margaret Eakin. They settled in Butler Co., PA.
5. James Bovard & wife Jane Nickles (she d. in Ireland) ..James and children
arrived May 1846 and settled in Allegheny Co., PA
6. James Bova(i)rd & Ellenor Steele both born in Ireland, met and m. in MD...
had 1 son/he died and they returned to Ireland. One by one sons born in
Ireland came to America and so did James and "Ellen" ...and they settled
Ripley Co., IN about 1871.
A. A Bovaird family arrived in Ontario, Canada about 1830.
B. Alexander Bovard left County Tyrone, Ireland -1834 and settled in
Sydney, Australia.
C. A Bovard family who lived in Switzerland in 1800 moved and settled in
and eventually moved back to France. (This family escaped France in

The name has been spelled: Bovard, Bovaird, Bevard, Brevard, Beveard,
Bavard, Bravard, and probably more, but it is believed they are all related
within the years while living in Ireland.

What sort of records will be available and where....for us to start our
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also appreciate your patience while
reading through our early history. I will admit I have been "lurking" for
about 6
weeks, but learned quite a bit from you all...even tho you do get a "wee bit
loud" at times....<G>
Thanks for you time....
Sandy in Washington State.

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