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From: "Gail Moore" <>
Subject: Attention Please!!
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 21:03:31 -0500

GENEALOGY= to me as taught to me by a Genealogist at one of the
biggest Genealogy Librarys in the US.

The study of ones roots, be it names, dates, family stories (on this
list known as the dreded chit chat), marriages, births, places, timelines,
census sheets, book information, etc......the list goes on and on.
Please re-read what it says about posting.

Each and every one of the subjects now being called chit/chat
began as a simple question to a subject found while tracing someones roots
and sparked an interest. Sometimes learning more about some of these
subjects helps unlock closed doors to
more hidden ancestors.

For example: Same Jane Doe on this list reads somewhere something in a
paragraph that contains her surname and the
subject KKK and she knows nothing of the KKK. Well just what if
by learning more about it she is lead to books about the KKK that
in turn lead her to other resourses that contain say a:
list of people Blacklisted in the 1830 in GA for belonging to the
KKK and there is her GGGGrandfather listing not only his name
but where he was living in 1830, GA. Then given this information
she could look at the 1830 Census for GA find her Grandfather
and possible sibling, wife and others that just maybe her family
have looked for for 50 years.

Now I ask you, do you want someone to tell I want tell
you about this subject because according to me, it is off subject?

All that I am trying to say is this:

Think about it people. Genealogy is fun or is suppose to be!
Does it have to be boring?

GENEALOGY=HISTORY in any and all forms.

Sometimes it pays to ask your self this question.

Could I maybe just maybe be the one that is totaly off track in the
dark and out of line, if I post this complaint?

If you want to leave, well this is your choice.
Me I am staying, and going to learn everything that I can about my
lines that why I am here. If I can help someone in any way well
I'm going too! If I can shed a little light on something that someone may
not be thinking about then I'm going to.
Fight, no I. I had just soon hit the delete key and go on about my
business. I see no gain in complaining all the time. To me; that's
more of a waste than hitting the delete.
I don't know about you but it only takes me a few seconds each time I down
load to get rid of what I find of no interest to me.
Then I read all of the rest and copy what I need, try to help others
and thank each person who helps me, no matter if they come up
with anything or not.

I sure hope this helps!

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