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From: <>
Subject: HODGINS, Ireland to Canada
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 23:04:10 EST

OK, here's a genealogy query. My ggggf was William HODGINS. He was born in
Ireland in 1786 (don't know where) and emigrated to Canada sometime before
1821 when he married Sarah LUDLOW of Campobello Island. Lived mostly in New
Brunswick, but his son, also William, moved across the border to Calais, ME
and apparently the elder William died there - or at least is buried there, In
Calais. He died in 1875. He was a ship carpenter and farmer.
Is anyone else researching these people? Would a HODGINS be Scotch-
Irish? It sounds more English to me - "Hodge" being an old, old nickname for
Roger, most of the "Hodg-" surnames derive from it, I believe. I think I've
heard something about Borderers also coming to Ireland, maybe this is the
answer. To the best of my knowledge these folk were Presbyterian or other
sorts of Protestant.
Thanks for any ideas you can come up with.
Nikki Strandskov
Minneapolis, MN USA

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