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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: Attention Please!!
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 21:30:37 -0800

> You expressed your pleasure in this list very well, Gail.
> I agree with you.
> Genealogy is more than just names and dates on a chart . It is being able to
> "feel" the times and the places where those names and dates fall.
> I was a history major in college, and I taught history at the high school
> level several years, and I am an avid reader. But do you know, Scottish,
> Irish, English and Ulster history has come alive for me more in the past few
> months, through this list, than ever before.
> I have not pinned down one signle solitary name of any ancestor via this list.
> But I have pinned own a lot of "family," because I understand better what
> impelled them to do, to live, to move or whatever.
> so keep it coming. Tell me about the Covenanters and the Ku Kluxers and the
> jacobites and the Orange men.
> And if I have anything to add, I will share with you.
> love'
> joan

I most agree. It is all the history and culture information even down
to the recipes of the Scottish foods. Before now, I never knew what
haggis, scottich eggs or scones were until this website.
Connie Backers, No. Calif.

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