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Subject: Re: Purpose of list and a poem
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 01:03:39 EST

and it is a wonderful list- I do not posted much but have learned so
much!! I have gained a deeper understanding of culture and history and
am so proud that they had the 'guts' to come to a new land and that I
have this wonderful country to live in because of what they did- working
hard and fighting against great odds to make a home. Like I said I am
very proud of them and I want to share a poem which I found on another
list with author unknown.
If you could see your ancestors
all standing in a row
Would you be proud of them-
or don't you really know?
Some strange discoveries are made
in climbing family trees
And some of them, you know,
do not particularly please.
If you could see your ancestors
all standing in a row
There might be some of them, perhaps,
you wouldn't care to know.
But here's another question, which
Requires a different view
If you could meet your ancestors,
would they be proud of you?

Interesting perspective which we usually do not think about.
Linda N

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