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From: "Lew Gregory Jr." <>
Subject: Ulster Journal of Archaeology-Index
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 00:54:40 -0800

Hello again, I don't useally comment on anything that goes on here but I
hear alot of irrated people complaining about the format here, well it
is for genealogical matter but
Searching for your ancestors you have to have a sense of humor or it
will drive ya nuts, and so what if people get off track awhile, you have
to in this hobby "laughing", it may take the frustration out of it, and
who knows something may come out of it too. So I say what the heck put
some jokes and fun articles here too, or you may get as stuffy as your
ancestors are now "joking". Well heres some more serious stuff:

By the way I get a lot of e-mail on this journal, the only thing I can
tell you where to find this is asked your local librarian to do an
interlibrary/search/loan on this, it may turn up somewhere near you or
they can get it. Good luck Lew

VOLUME 7, 1901:

page 133; 1740, Rev. Samuel Dunlop, M.A. Dissenting minister of

page142: Armorial Sculptured Stones of County Antrim: (familys)

Antrim Parish:page 142; Adair, page 143; Collingwood, page 144; Clark

Armoy Parish: page 144; Clark adn Dunlop

Ballinderry Parish, Middle Church: page 145; Tatnal, Old Churchyard;

Ballylinney Parish: page 146; Alexander, page 147; Barron

Ballywillin Parish: page 147; Boyd, page 148; Ross and Stirling

Kilbride Parish: page 149; Allen, page 150; Blair

Kilraughts Parish: page 150; Brady, page 151; Jamison and Moore

Lambeg Parish: page 152; Wolfenden, and MacDonnell page 153; McCollum

Magheragall Parish: page 154; Watson

Muckamore Parish: page 155; Waugh and Carson

The Old Poorhouse Cemetery, Belfast: page 156; Lennox

Skerry Parish: page 157; McCollum

Page 158: Horseracing in Antrim in 1710; Family names listed are:
Stewart, Bryson, Wilson, Fordice, Crawford, Duffield, Duff,
Gray, MacCulloch, Jackson, Johnston, Bell, Clark,
Hanah, Campbell, Cunningham, MacMullan.

Page 158: David Manson was son of John Manson and Agnes Jamison, and was
born in Parish of Carncastle in 1726. In 1740, he was teacher
to the Shaw children at Ballygally Castle.

Page 159: John Wilson of Antrim adn Elizabeth Brady, daughter of the
late John Brady of Antrim, filed marriage intentions, Sept.

Pages 166-171: The Agnew family in County Antrim. From Wigtown &
Lochnaw, Galloway, Scotland.

Page 186: History of Tynan Parish in Archdiocese of Armagh

Page 191-2: Captain Cochren, 1714 of Minterburn or Adjacent town.


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