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From: Edward Andrews <>
Subject: Re: Attention Please!!
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 13:44:04 +0000

Gail Moore wrote:
> GENEALOGY= to me as taught to me by a Genealogist at one of the
> biggest Genealogy Librarys in the US.
> The study of ones roots, be it names, dates, family stories (on this
> list known as the dreded chit chat), marriages, births, places, timelines,
> census sheets, book information, etc......the list goes on and on.
> Please re-read what it says about posting.
> Each and every one of the subjects now being called chit/chat
> began as a simple question to a subject found while tracing someones roots
> and sparked an interest. Sometimes learning more about some of these
> subjects helps unlock closed doors to
> more hidden ancestors.

In the Ulster American Folk park outside Omagh there is a ship. It
lies between the area of the Park which is a replica of Old Ulster,
and the area which is America.
To get form one site to the other, you have to pass thorough the
It is a useful piece of symbolism for us on this list.
The S-I list has an intresting feature in that we are two people,
those whose ancestors passed through the ship, and those whose
ancestors did not.
I will say nothing about those whose ancestors did go through the
ship. Their recent experience is not my recent experience. To me the
Civil War was fought in either the 1920s or the 1640s. That however
does not make it - and I am only taking it as an example - is not part
ot the experience of the group. That the pains of reconstruction do
not still leave a shadow across the list.
We are a bastard race - even ignoring the more recent additions to
our gene pool in America, the Scots Irish are a weird mixture, and we
are also Children of the Scots - themselves as Iain Henderson says -
a bastard race.
We went to Ireland to do a politically incorrect job - to take over
from the natives. Those of you who went to the colonies, when they got
there, often used to do the same job.
Our understanding of the Christian faith is one which reflects
political and theological disputes which often were spent, and
irrelevant by the time that they reached us.
Our diet reflected what we could get, where we were.
On a list like this we could go in for name spotting. I am not sure
that this is going to do us any Good.
I say nothing about genealogical research in America. In Ulster it is
difficult to take the first steps. My parents Birth Certificates are
not available, nor their parents. This in addition to the reluctance
of the older generation to even transfer their knowledge makes it
difficult to get anywhere. It is notoriously difficult to get back to
Of course people get into discussions, which to those who are not
interested, may seem to be off list, but from which it is quite
possible that people may glean something which helps them to place
their people.
It is after all no more intrusive in terms of mail, that the
BLOGGS, came from Ireland some time, please help - which is a piece
of proper genealogical request.
As far as the question of style and spelling. If you can understand
it, then it is valid communication. If you can't understand it, you
can delete
I hope that this helps focus people's thoughts.
Edward Andrews

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