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From: Rick Shannon <>
Subject: Re: Tired of List
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 08:40:04 -0600

This is more than a genealogy list, as far as I can see, and I use it more to
learn history and culture than genealogical facts, which I get elsewhere. Those
who complain about all the e-mail they get that's off-subject from their point of
view, may I suggest unsubscribing then subscribing to the Digest mode. Fewer
pieces of mail a day and a table of contents in each one!

I for one have been glad to read the KKK and Mason posts. I am a Southerner, and
many of my ancestors were as well. Some fought in the Civil War. Some, including
my paternal grandfather, were Masons. This is all part of the history of the
South, of the USA, and of the Scots-Irish people. We can learn from all of this

One more point and I'll be finished for a while. When reading someone's postings,
try to recognize "old sayings," quotes from famous people, etc., and realise
these words are often used as sig lines because they are funny -- many because
they express outdated mores -- and probably none are meant to be personal insults
to anyone on the list.

Richard Shannon
Mythos: Celtic Texas
Surname research: Shannon, Rusling, West, Stonestreet, Brister, Bell, Caulk,
Tumlinson, West(2), Ward, Martin, Goode, McKnight, Reid, Lumby, Furner, Dengate,

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