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From: Nancy F. Skidmore< >
Subject: Memories
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 15:42:11 -0500

Hi Ya'll
I just had to respond to all the folks complaining about the chit chat on
the list. I am on several mail lists I get about 300 emails per day. I
have to really work at it just to keep up.
It is amazing to me just what triggers memories. Sometimes just a word
or phrase will take me back to my child hood. Through one of these
responses I remember my Mother telling me the name of my real Father.
Mom was so shy about talking about it as all she felt was shame. She had
an affair with a married man and I was born out of Wed lock. The subject
caused her so much pain that I think I repressed the memory.
A phrase quoted in a family story brought back that memory so now I have
a name that I didn't have before I also know he was part Cherokee.
So if not for an off hand quote I would not now have this info.
Triggers for memories have been studied by some very renowned people and
they still don't understand them all.
So for my part keep them stories coming. Keep referring to your
upbringing. Use those old sayings you heard in your home. Talk about
popular recipes when you were growing up. Throw in some humor. And only
the good Lord knows what might come of it.
Keep it coming
Nancy Gregory Skidmore

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