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From: Iain Sommerville< >
Subject: Does Scotch-Irish include English?
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 00:05:50 GMT

Hello. Linda

Continuing my education .....

You recently reiterated the list's definition of the term

>The purpose of this list is to explore the ethnic heritage of the
>Scotch-Irish ..... The term has come to be used in the United States to indicate
>all those who came from Northern Ireland but who were not Gaelic
>Irish Catholic -- though many of them had Irish blood. Other names for
>these people or subsets of these people include Scots Irish,
>Ulster British, Ulster Scots, Orange. Some of them originated in places
>other than Scotland, such as England, Holland and France.

Can I take it that it is common practice in the United States to refer
to "all those who came from Northern Ireland but who were not Gaelic
Irish Catholic" as Scotch-Irish, even if their roots were, for
example, in England, Holland or France, rather than Scotland?

I'd much appreciate clarification. (To those who think I am off at a
tangent again, can I say that this seems an important genealogical
question. If a family of immigrants to the United States call
themselves (or are called) Scotch-Irish, but their roots are in
England, that could well set a researcher off on the wrong trail.)

Iain Sommerville
Burntisland, Fife, Scotland

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