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From: "Robert DAVISON" <>
Subject: RE: Movies
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 98 23:14:30 UT

Hi Rob

I'll go along with you on the top two. 'THE QUIET MAN' is pure Hollywood
'oirish' but everyone over here loves it! My Aunt in Tiger's Bay, Belfast
think's it's great crack. I saw it at the Queen's Film Theatre, Belfast two
years ago and the place was packed. It was for one night only. Maureen
O'Hara was 'drop dead gorgeous.'

'THE COMMITMENTS' was filmed in Dublin and, from what I'm told, was a fairly
accurate representation of certain aspects of the place - including the horse
in the lift! I saw it in a cinema in Vienna and what amazed me was that the
locals didn't seem to have any problems with the humour. Some things are
universal I guess.

How do you rate 'RYAN'S DAUGHTER?'

Yours aye

Rob C Davison
N. Ireland

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