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From: <>
Subject: Re: Savage - Fermanagh
Date: 13 Feb 1998 22:25:00 EDT

Lots of Savages in Garrett co. Md. Savage Mountain, Savage River and
dozens of people with that name. Supposedly the mountain and river were
named after a surveyor, John Savage, who came this way with a surveying
party sent out by the early Gov. of Virginia...the one George Washington
worked for.
Any way, the surveying party got stranded along a river in a blizzard.
When they'd run out of food they decided they'd have to eat one of the
party. Since Savage was nearly blind (and surveying?), they decided
he'd be dinner the next day.
Just Savage's luck, a rescue party got through to them the next day and
saved poor Savage's life. Everyone was so grateful they named the River
and the mountain after that last meal.

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