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From: "Chuck Gibson" <>
Subject: RE: migration question, Answer
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 21:59:07 -0600

I posted this January 24, 1998 and received the answer

I'd like to ask a migration question of the list.
I know that William Hamilton married Elizabeth McCullough
in Somerset Co. NJ February 11, 1750/51.
Their daughter Jane Hamilton is then born November 29, 1752
in St.Augustine, FL. I don't know where William and Elizabeth
died but Jane married Robert Cooper in 1768. Their first child
is born in Chester District, S.C. The question; was Florida a common
spot for migration into SC at that time? Robert was born in
Ulster, Armagh Co., Ireland and died in Fishing Creek, Chester Co., S.C.


From information in "Hugh Cooper (1720-1793) of
Fishing Creek, South Carolina and his descendants"
Presented by: Lesbia Word Roberts

William Hamilton died before Jane was born. Soon after his marriage to
Elizabeth McCullough
he decided to remove to the West Indies, we think to Jamaica where he had
relatives. The climate
there did not agree with him, and his health became so poor the he was
forced to return to the States.
He became seriously ill enroute back; died and was buried at sea. We do not
know where his wife Elizabeth Hamilton landed, but she was expecting a
child. Her husband's only sister, Mrs. Charles Graves, who was then living
in St. Augustine, Florida invited her to come and live with her and her
husband. So it was in St. Augustine, Florida that Elizabeth McCllough
Hamilton gave birth to a daughter, Jane Hamilton.

There is also speculation in the information I received that Elizabeth
McCullough was his second wife,
his first wife being "Jane, the daughter of Sir John Melville" married in
Isle-a-Kail. Jane (daughter of Elizabeth and William) named one of her sons
Robert Melville Cooper, Melville being a name carried on in the Cooper line.

Lots of information in the few pages I received, many questions too, I'll
save those for another post.

Thank You

Chuck Gibson

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